Up-scale Dining

The exciting gourmet menu appeals to diners looking for serious steaks, fish, fowl and pasta. Distinguished guests who appreciate the classics will appreciate our fare. 



We have vegetarian foods available. All our foods are lactose free and non-dairy. Many of our foods are gluten free. No pork or shellfish products. Ask your wait staff if you have any special dietary requirements. 


Gourmet Glatt Kosher

Kashrut –YOREH DEAH – Rabbi Aaron Lankry Monsey, New York. (305) 332 – 3311 Orthodox Mashgiach on premises at all times. All meats glatt kosher - supplier – Solomon meats. All other products kosher either by OU or Star K or other Orthodox Kashrut organization. All bread products are PAS YISROEL. All wines are Mevushal.